bridal beautyWhen it comes to looking good at your wedding – especially in the photos – the condition of your skin is just as important as your dress. So it makes sense to map out your skin-care routine as thoroughly as the rest of your wedding. Making an investment now will pay off big on your wedding day. While you’re addressing invitations and picking out bridesmaids dresses, take some time to work on your beauty regimen. On your wedding day, you’ll be having your picture taken close-up and many people getting close to your skin as they hug and kiss you. Luckily, our “Deluxe Bridal Beauty Package” provides the perfect combination of Marta Rey’s results-oriented treatments to ensure you a radiant glow on your special day/

Detox and Decongest – 2 sessions

An ultra-cleansing treatment designed to clarify clogged pores and hydrate the most fatigued skin. Highly therapeutic control breakouts, blemishes and impurities. The aid of a medical peel help achieve gradual and astonishing transformations. Depending on your skin type, micro to medium grade peels are used to effectively balance your skin, and restore a radiant appearance.

Polish and Glow – 2 sessions

This highly effective microdermabrasion treatment clean and polish your skin’s surface, drawing out toxins, dust and excess oil. It is safe and effective in improving sun damage skin, fine lines and wrinkles, acne scars, hyper-pigmentation, as well as skin texture and color. A powerful natural energizer and oxygenating booster tones your skin and eliminates puffiness.

Hydrate and Plumpen – 2 sessions

This treatment provides an intense and overall effective moisturizing effect. Bursting with powerful antioxidants, hyaluronic acid and vitamin C, your skin will feel deeply nourished and silky smooth. It ensures a Targeted Action against imperfections of all kind.

Brides would also benefit from any single Medi-Facial™ treatment that Marta Rey has to offer.