Skin Rejuvenation/Aging Skin

Meso Face Rejuvenation 

Meso Face – A targeted and instant action straight to the heart of the imperfection.

This new technology creates new temporary access channels on the skin, thus increasing the permeability of epidermal cellular walls. During the treatment a special probe transfers a “rain” of impulses to the skin, and allows active ingredients to be deposited deep down into the skin tissues, forming a dermal reservoir of water that it will be gradually release during the following 24-48 hours, and will help increase and extend the beneficial effects of the treatment.

A serum featuring a Hi-Tech formula of Hyaluronic Acid, developed under laboratory control, is used to carry out a multi-functional action. It stimulates collagen synthesis, works as a powerful anti-oxidant, and improves the quality of intercellular exchanges between dermis and epidermis. Thanks to its ability to retain large amounts of water, it ensures a visible plumping and smoothing effect, and revitalizes the skin.

Stand Alone Single Treatment 175
With Plant Stem Cells Therapy 225

Also available as a Series of Treatments


What does the treatment do?
This intense transdermal delivery treatment “feeds” your skin with active ingredients that help regenerate new cells. It is capable of building volume back into your face; volume you lose as you age. It diminishes lines and wrinkles, improves cellular vitality, collagen production, skin tone, and has wound healing properties. Skin looks dewy and radiant right away, and the buildup of collagen is long-lasting.

How does the needleless meso face rejuvenation treatment differ from an injectable used by a doctor?
Doctors are able to add volume to the face, and plump wrinkles by using injectable fillers. These injectables, in most cases Hyaluronic Acid, are applied only to a specific wrinkle or depression of the face, thus far assisting in smoothing the specific wrinkle.The needleless treatment performed by Marta Rey, using medical grade Hyaluronic Acid, and active ingredients, is applied to the entire surface of the face, neck and décolleté, creating volume and improving the overall vitality and health of the skin.

How does the Needleless Meso Face Rejuvenation Treatment differ from traditional mesotherapy?
In traditional mesotherapy, micro injections of medications under local anesthesia are placed at different sites in the face for a desired volume change, and rejuvenation effect. The Needleless Meso Face Rejuvenation Treatment does not involve the use of needles or require anesthesia. The Dibi Power advanced electro-permeation equipment used by Marta Rey fills and “feeds” the skin safely and is completely pain free. 

Plant Stem Cells Therapy

Amazingly powerful, Plant Stem Cells are capable of increasing and stimulating the proliferation of new and vital cells. Specifically, those obtained from a special type of Apple, that have the ability to maintain the active life of Epidermal Stem Cells and protect them against damages caused by UV rays. The selection of exceptional ingredients, such as hyaluronic acid and powerful antioxidants, combined with Apple Plant Stem Cells, ensures a treatment and home care protocol that produces a Targeted Action against skin imperfections of all kind.

Single Treatment $185

Multi-Level Ultrasound

This treatment uses sound waves and topical skin care products for a deep, intensive and overall effective moisturizing effect on the internal cellular mechanisms of the skin, and provides an immediately fresher, smoother and extraordinarily softer skin. Clients with sensitive skin who cannot tolerate Microdermabrasion or a chemical peel are excellent candidates for ultrasound skin rejuvenation. A soluble collagen mask completes this treatment, leaving your skin velvety and distinctly youthful.

Single Treatment $135