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I have been Marta's regular customer for almost 6 years now and I think her services are simply amazing. I have seen a great improvement in my skin tone, diminished appearance of wrinkles, my skin glows after her facials and I get complimented on how young I look all the time. I am an avid world traveler and I love facials, so I was able to compare Marta's services to multiple facials I have had before worldwide. There is no comparison - Marta takes the time like no one else to develop a customized solution unique to my skin needs every time I see her, she uses excellent products, delivering the best results and incomparable quality. From my personal experience I know without a doubt that Marta provides superior skin care.

Jena Roytman


I was attending a birthday luncheon for a dear friend. There were probably fifteen of us. After the meal was over, and everyone was gone, the birthday girl told me a little story. Unbeknown to me, a couple of the girls whispered to someone that they wanted to know where and when I had my face lifted, and other cosmetic work done. The girl they asked this question to told them that I did not have any type of work done, but that I had in fact been seeing Marta Rey for treatments. She knew this to be true as she too has been seeing Marta for a number of years, and recommended Marta to me. Her skin is beautiful!

Marta has also alerted me to potential skin dangers, and keeps me informed if there is something under the skin I should be aware of. I have had Basil Cell Carcinomas removed in the past, and she helped me to learn and recognize the signs. Marta will help you take care of one of the most important living organs of the body…your skin!

I feel so much better, what a remarkable difference my treatments have made.

Karen C.


When I turned forty I took time to reflect on my health, and what I wanted to do to continue to care for myself. In addition to improving my diet and exercise, I wanted to take better care of my skin. I believe in the saying that, ‘I will not grow old gracefully, I plan to fight it every step of the way.’

I was introduced to Marta Rey two years ago by a friend, and it has been one of the best relationships and decisions that I made in my quest for healthy skin. Marta put together a plan of facial treatments, and a home care regimen that has my skin looking healthy and feeling softer than when I was forty. I have received several complements on my skin recently, which is a wonderful feeling as we start aging and feel like we are loosing some of our youthful appearance.

Marta worked with me to provide the services that were best for my skin, concerns and budget. She is very professional but personalizes each session with her unique approach and wonderful personality. I highly recommend Marta Rey for anyone wanting healthy, beautiful skin. It is a personal investment in yourself that is well worth it.

Karen Johnson


For the first time in years I don’t have to wear foundation to cover my uneven skin tone. After seeing Marta Rey, all I use is a light powder on my face and it’s perfect. I was told it even glows! I highly recommend Marta to all my friends. I want to share with them the amazing results and they can see the difference in my complexion immediately. Marta is ideal for anyone who needs to rejuvenate their skin and erase years of age in the process. Marta is a pro and I can tell she is an expert in her field. The results speak for themselves.



Like many women in their sixties, I was a real sun worshiper. From high school on, it was a race to see who got the better tan. Little did we know what we were doing to our skin! I had considerable sun damage, which Marta’s treatments have helped considerably. She has improved the texture of my skin – I have photos that show the improvement.

Linda Lombard


I first consulted Marta after my facial laser resurfacing was healing very slowly. I was 9 weeks post-laser and the area was still red and swollen. I was very hesitant and cautious to begin treatment on the sore skin. But, Marta’s caring way and expert advice convinced me to try the six, once-weekly Lymphatic Drainage massages to advance the healing process. I am so thankful that I listened to her! Every week after the treatment, I would see a noticeable improvement in my skin. By the end of the treatment series, not only had the redness and swelling disappeared, but my skin texture looked better than ever! During the six weeks of treatment, I began using the products at home Marta uses in her treatments too. Her products are first rate with all natural ingredients. I believe her now when she says, “there is only one problem with the products I use, you get hooked on them!” You really do see visible results with her treatments and products. I’ve continued to have Marta give me monthly facials because of the outstanding results I see in my skin tone and condition.

Julie P.


Marta makes you feel so pampered. Her suite is beautiful and very relaxing. She really knows what your skin needs and she doesn’t try to over-sell any of her services or products. I definitely give her 5 stars.

Barb Long


Immediately after my cosmetic eye lid surgery I purchased a series of treatments from Marta to promote the healing process. I was so pleased with the results, I have continued with regular treatments to maintain a healthy glow to my skin. Thank you Marta!



After eyelid surgery and laser resurfacing on my face I decided to opt for the Lymphatic Drainage Massage given by Marta Rey. As someone who usually does not heal very quickly I thought it would be in my best interest to try this procedure. Two weeks after the surgery I still had quite a lot of swelling and redness. The lymphatic drainage massage that Marta performed helped immensely, not only did the swelling and redness dissipate but the healing process was heightened. The time I spent with Marta was a total holistic and relaxing time. I was so impressed with her knowledge and sympathetic manner, her friendliness and warmth that I have continued to have other treatments on a monthly basis with Marta.

S.D. – Dayton


I am loving how beautiful my skin is looking!! I wished I had met Marta years earlier. I really appreciated you and your talents.

Toni D.


I just wanted to let you know how happy I am with the results of the treatments I have received from you over the past few months. My skin has never looked healthier. I can see a big difference in my general skin tone and color. Also, I love the products that you recommended! Thank you.

Julia D.