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Service pricing is available upon request. Please note, Marta’s services are inclusive of her time and expertise, tips are not accepted.


This treatment utilized the exclusive combination of three different state of the art skin technologies and topical skin care products that reenergize collagen cells for a deep, intensive and overall effective moisturizing effect on the internal cellular mechanisms of the skin. It provides an immediately fresher, smoother and extraordinarily softer skin and assures a radiant and natural boosted complexion. The most effective noninvasive treatment for instant hydration, skin becomes more resilient and youthful with each treatment. During the treatment a special probe transfers a “rain” of impulses to the skin that allows the active ingredients to be deposited deep down into the skin tissues. This forms a dermal reservoir of water that gradually releases during the following 48-72 hours and last for weeks. For maximum benefit, a series is recommended.


Customized to your skin type. This high performance treatment combines a state of the art peel and carries active ingredients deep into your skin via oxygen infusing molecules. The oxygen works to kill bacteria, add antioxidants and amino peptides to repair free radical damage. This facial treatment will revitalize your complexion by deeply infusing pure medical-grade oxygen into the skin. The addition of a customized LED Light therapy technology and the custom exfoliation assures a treatment that is very effective for anti-aging, acne, hyper pigmentation, sensitive, and/or rosacea skin.


This is a noninvasive European RF technology that treats sagging facial skin such as wrinkles and expression lines, saggy jaws and neck muscles. The treatment targets the creation of new skin collagen and triggers the skin’s cellular mechanisms and improves skin tone, triggers collagen renewal, and firms the contours of the face. The overall result - - skin that is like new and improves day after day.

"I was attending a birthday luncheon for a dear friend. There were probably fifteen of us. After the meal was over, and everyone was gone, the birthday girl told me a little story. Unbeknown to me, a couple of the girls whispered to someone that they wanted to know where and when I had my face lifted, and other cosmetic work done. The girl they asked this question to told them that I did not have any type of work done, but that I had in fact been seeing Marta Rey for treatments. She knew this to be true as she too has been seeing Marta for a number of years, and recommended Marta to me. Her skin is beautiful!

I feel so much better, what a remarkable difference my treatments have made".

Karen C.